Drilling mud system
Cate: Drilling mud system 

Aipu Machinery produce drilling mud system for various well drilling. Including the Oil and gas drilling, HDD, no dig, Trenchless, Tunnelling, thermal well drilling, water well drilling ,etc. All mud equipments among the system will be provided by Aipu.

The main features of our system is:

1. Customizable for different drilling, different mud and working condition

2. High quality raw material ensure high quality products and high performance

3. All ladders, walk ways, the hand rails are foldable. We don't have to uninstall them when we transfer them

4. High quality paint oil from top famous manufacturer of marine painting

5. Competitively priced


Following is the usual standard configuration on solids control system

Solids control system


1. X means unecessary configuration, while √ means optional. Others are necessary. Drilling mud equipments in practical operation will be not less than indicated capacity.

2. The configuration above is standard or normal one. Clients can configure system according to actual requirements