Hydrocyclones for desander/desilter
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1. Hydrocyclone types and function

According to diameter there are 3 types hydrocyclone:

(1)Desander cones. Diameter are 150-300mm will be called desander cones. When the input pressure is not less than 0.2MPa the treating capacity will be 20-120m3/h。Under correct working condition the desander cones can get rid of 95% cuttings larger than 74microns and 50% cuttings larger than 30 microns. 

(2)Desilter cones. Diameter are100-150mm will be called desilter cone. when the input pressure is 0.2MPa the capacity will be 10-15m3/h. Normally, the desilter can separate 95% particles larger than 40 microns and 50% 15microns solids. 

(3)Micro hydrocylones. Diamter is 50mm called micro cones. Its capacity will be not less than 5m3/h. It can separate 7-25 microns solids out of drilling fluid. And it is mainly used in unweighted drilling mud to get rid of extra fine paticles. 

No matter which type cones, when we select cones we should consider its capacity should be 1.25 times of drilling mud flow rate.


2. Hydrocyclones structure and working principle 

The hydrocyclones are cone shaped vessel with column. The upper side on cones called liquid compartment, besides column there is input line. The line connected with liquid compartment as tangent way. The vessel top is the overflow mouth, and the bottom is drop in Apex.

A hollow line will spread alongside cones axis from top to liquid check this hollow line called overflow pipe. The hydrocyclone size depends on cones max. diameter. For example, 4" hydrocyclone means the cone maximum diameter is 4" 


In drilling mud solids control, the hydrocyclone separators are another important equipment. This time we introduce 1st part basic information on hydrocyclones in subsequent lists we'll introduce more things in detail. Please note Aipu Training center

Desilter cones