Different shaker screen clamping system
发布时间:2014-03-13 17:25:20

Shale shaker screens are many different types. According to the clamping ways there will be 3 kinds in common.

Tensioning shaker screen. Tensioning screens will be clamped with bolts on screen hook side. There are 2 different finer divisions. One way is clamp screens on the hook alongside the shaker deck, another way is to tense screen with tension spring resist-force.

Aipu Shaker screens

Scrolled on screen. There are 2 rolls on shaker deck ends. Such rolls mainly used to tense screen tightly. Then by tense the clamp via bolts the screen will be mounted very straight. When we need to release the screen we should scroll out the M20 bolt

Another is wedge blocked screen. The wedge bloce can press screens rather tight without any space. Usually, the steel frame shaker screen will be clampled by the blocks. We need the wedge block to provide friction force

We have to pay attention on blocks. They should be very smooth and clean otherwise we may have troubles during shale shaker operation