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          Telephone:0510-86561613    Hotline:13906160613 / 13338156688
          Type RZS-1500 Recycling Asphalt Aggregate Mixing Plant

          Main Parameter90-120t/h (under rated work condition)
          Drying Drum (table 1)
          Temperature of discharging from drying drum 130℃
          Moisture content of aggregate ≤3% ≤5% ≤7%
          Production capacity(t/h) 120 100 90
          Oil consumption(㎏/t) 5 6.5 7.2
          Notes:(1)The residual moisture content ≤0.5%
          (2)Ambient temperature about 20℃
          (3)LHV of diesel fuel46055kj/㎏

          Weighing Precision
          Recycling asphalt concrete ±0.3%

          Temperature Control
          Temperature setting method: auto, manual, error≤5℃

          Control method
          auto, semi-auto, manual

          Drive Power
          Name Power(kw)
          Feeding system 21
          Drying system 60
          Elevating system 15
          Dusting system 45
          Burning System 15
          Air Route Control System 37
          Control System 10
          Total:203kw(Due to the different configuration and terrain required by the user, the actual power will be adjusted accordingly for reference only)

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