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          Telephone:0510-86561613    Hotline:13906160613 / 13338156688
          QLB4000型 瀝青混合料攪拌設備-江陰市鑫海公路機械材料有限公司
          Type QLB-4000 Asphalt-Aggregate Mixing Plant

          Main Parameter280-320t/h (under rated work condition)
          Drying Drum (Table 1)
          Temperature of discharging from drying drum 160℃
          Moisture content of aggregate ≤3% ≤5% ≤7%
          Production capacity(t/h) 320 300 260
          Oil consumption(㎏/t) 5 6 7.2
          Notes:(1)Residual moisture content ≤0.5%
          (2)Ambient temperature is around 20℃
          (3)The LHV of diesel fuel is 46055kj/kg
          Mixing Tank (Table 2)
          Mixing circle(s) 40 45 50
          Production capacity(t/h) 340 320 260
          Notes: Mixing circle time depends on the following condition:(1)Kinds of material (2)Proportion of fine and coarse aggregate (3)Content of bitumen (4)Temperature of mixing

          Precise of Measuring(static state)
          Aggregate±0.5% Filler±0.3% Bitumen±0.2%

          Temperature Control
          Temperature control: auto and manual control with Error ≤5℃.

          Mixing Evenness
          It can satisfy any project quality request.

          Auto, manual, and semi-manual

          Driving Power
          Name Power(kw)
          Feeding system 40.5
          Drying system 180
          Screening, weighing and mixing system 176
          Elevating system 88
          Dusting system 242
          Controlling system 22
          Finished product system 93
          Total 841.5

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